Local Body Builder Heads to Competition

A Biloxi woman has a shot to win a world-wide competition for professional bikini body building. She’s the first Mississippian in history to make the cut.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson dropped in at a local gym as our Mississippi competitor pushed through her last workout here before the Las Vegas competition.
Biloxi resident Brittany Taylor is the first Mississippi bikini body builder to ever qualify for the world-wide Bikini Olympia Fitness Competition. This is an achievement she says is not an easy weight to bare. “Lots of training and mental discipline for sure. Diet and nutrition are a huge aspect of this and lots of support.”
Taylor is a professional bikini athlete with the International Federation of Bodybuilding, one of only 43 in the world to compete in this weekend’s Las Vegas competition.
Taylor’s personal trainer Rashad Roper, also from the Coast, is traveling with her for support. “If she goes and wins Miss Olympia it’s kind of like I will win as well. It’s just as big for me as it is for her. I’m really excited about this,” said Roper.
This is Taylor’s second time qualifying for Olympia’s bikini muscular division. She and Roper have been training six months for it. Taylor says her seven-year-old son Cash keeps her going strong. “I think he’s my biggest motivation to set a good example for him and just show him that hard work pays off.”
“She’s just so driven. Every day she comes, she’s just so driven. She’s motivated and it motivates me to be better. I think she pushes me to be better,” said Roper.
Taylor says she trains for three hours a day, six times a week with one recovery day so that she can keep adding weight to her success and raising the bar for herself and for her community. “I’m going to go up there and have fun and hopefully bring back the title for Mississippi.”
Taylor is lifting our Coast up to make national history. Her next jump is at the chance to make world history this Friday.

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