Local Author Encourages People to Pursue Resolutions

As New Year’s Eve approaches, many are making their 2015 resolutions, but fear or previous experiences often hold us back.

Offering inspiration to us all, Summer Selby-Drew is one of 45 authors in a new book called Head Ladies in Charge. In the book, each woman tells her story of struggle and overcoming obstacles to reach her goal. Selby-Drew says many adults find themselves making a list of excuses as to why they can’t pursue their dreams, such as waiting for kids to move out of the house or getting ahead on paying bills, but there is no time like the present.

Selby-Drew says, “This book is for people who want to accomplish something but there is something in their way that blocks them. Either it’s fear or it could be something really bad, like perhaps they were molested when they were a child and that is blocking them, or perhaps they were fired or perhaps there’s an illness or whatever.”

If you would like a copy of this inspirational book, contact Selby-Drew at summer_selby@yahoo.com.

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