Local art gallery opens at Mary C. O’Keefe Center

It was a colorful night of art at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center in Ocean Springs.

Crowds packed the Mary C. to get a look at two art galleries making their debut. Dozens of local artists had their work featured in the ‘Local Creatives Gallery’ which featured sculptural ceramics from Stacey Johnson.

New York Artist Rebecca Alston had her work featured as well, exploring the concept of biology forms from molecular to tectonic.

Alston has recently made Ocean Springs her home, citing it as a ‘wonderful place for artwork.’ “It’s just a wonderful, wonderful place with the art community and the beach. So many people don’t even realize there are these beautiful beaches and we have our family home on the harbor and just to get up and look at the water and I think you can see a lot of that reflected in my work.”

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