Local American Idol, Michael Simeon, Visits WXXV Studio

He’s been center stage on TV screens throughout the nation and stole the spotlight on American Idol when he got a dance with Jennifer Lopez. Millions of people around the nation watched as Lumberton native, Michael Simeon, sang and danced his way to the Hollywood round of American Idol.

Thursday, Simeon shared the spotlight with WXXV reporter, Ryan Mahan, during a one on one exclusive interview. The whole world knows Simeon likes to dance, after a recent American Idol episode where he took judge, Jennifer Lopez, in his arms, wooing her with music and his moves. Simeon says, "I just thought about something I could do to make my audition more memorable and something I could make a memory with. If she had said no, I would have asked Harry and been funny with it, but she said yes, and it turned out to be this sweet thing."

The Lumberton native and Ole Miss student made the judge’s cut in Nashville, Tennessee and earned a ticket to the Hollywood round. His recent appearance has thrust him into the national spotlight, but his success didn’t happen overnight. Simeon didn’t make the final cut at an Idol tryout in New Orleans, but he tells News 25 he did walk away with a very valuable lesson. Simeon also says, "I came to New Orleans, I would say cocky, arrogant in a sense, because I made it to top 48 and I had it in my head there’s no way I’m not going to make it at the celebrity judges, then I can bring it."

Simeon talked to News 25 about what two albums he would take to a deserted island. He says, "John Mayer’s Continuum, because I love John Mayer and that’s my favorite album of his, and actually probably The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith."

He hopes others will feel the same way about his music and believes his spot on American Idol is setting the stage for this dream.

Simeon closes, "Overall, they have been consistent with generating those superstars and I’d like to be one."

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