Local 10-year-old race car driver ranked third nationally

One 10-year-old Pascagoula resident was born with a need for speed and now spends most his free time behind the wheel of his race cars.

Now, Nicholas Denton, or better known as Cole Trickle at racetracks across the country, is currently ranked third nationally in Bandolero racing in the Bandit Division, midway through the 2021 season.

Ten-year-old Cole Trickle knows a little something about winning, having 31 first place finishes in just two-and-a-half seasons racing Bandolero cars.

With over 70 races under his belt, Trickle has gained the reputation of being a patient and clean driver.

However, Trickle has attracted similar attention for his beloved ‘Mello Yello’ Bandolero cars and his racing name, both of which the racer pulled from his favorite movie. “You should see me drive. When I watched the movie ‘Days of Thunder’ I’m like well my nickname’s Cole and I just need to put a Trickle in there. Now at the racetrack they call me Cole Trickle soon as I go in the gate.”

In order to accommodate his travel schedule for racing, Trickle opted to be home schooled. Beginning in June, Trickle and his family will be moving to Atlanta for the summer series ‘Thursday Thunder’ at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the second summer in a row. “I had to learn a lot last year moving to Atlanta, overlooking the speedway, and learning how to drive that track and getting the set up right for this season. I finished 5th overall in that series, first time ever doing it.”

Trickle races on quarter-mille oval tracks, going anywhere from 60 to 74 miles per hour, just like NASCAR drivers like Chase Elliot and Joey Logano did were when they were his age and competing in the same summer race series as Trickle. “You actually get on the straightaway that NASCAR races on at Atlanta Motor Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway.”

While he spends most his time at the track, Trickle enjoys having hobbies outside of burning rubber on the racetrack. “Flying airplanes, swimming, racing scooters– push scooters, bike racing, running.”

He may only be 10-years-old, however, the racing phenom is keeping his eye on the prize when it comes to his future in racing. “My goal is to make it to the NASCAR Cup Series. Mr. Rick Hendrick, can you please get me a ride in the NASCAR Cup series?”

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