Loaves and Fishes served up meals at their new home

Loaves and Fishes officially moved to their new home and didn’t miss a beat.

Today, Loaves and Fishes served breakfast and lunch to those in need in the parking lot of their temporary home at Back Bay Mission.

For the remainder of the week, food will be served Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday twice a day until the food runs out.

For 37 years, Loaves and Fishes has provided meals to the Biloxi community twice a day, four times a week and they will continue the tradition. Loaves and Fishes Executive Director Suzanne Guice said, “This is the perfect partnership with Back Bay because so many of our guests are here anyway. They were going back and forth between our location and here and Seashore.”

Breakfast is now being served at 9 a.m. with lunch at noon.

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