Live Local: Chandeleur Island Brewing Company

The sixth annual Chandy Fest is happening this Saturday at Chandeleur Island Brewing from noon to 8 p.m. with live music and a special beer release all day.

In honor of the event, News 25’s Lorraine Weiskopf shares the history of Gulfport’s craft brewery in this week’s edition of Live Local.

Chandeleur Island Brewing Company was started by two brothers Cammack Roberds and Cain Roberds. Their love for craft beer brewed after they were contracted in the making of others breweries. Sales Manager Gina Prater said, “They decided that their hometown of Gulfport needed a brewery. So, they located this building in Downtown Gulfport, converted it, put everything they learned from other breweries into this brewery.”

Their French name, meaning ‘candle mass,’ comes after the Chandeleur Islands, one of the owner’s favorites places to fish.

This uninhabited island chain is approximately 50 miles long and located off the coast of Mississippi.

Not only is it named after their favorite fishing spot, but within the brewery, beer is poured out a spout modeled like a fishing rod.

You might recognize the artwork on their logo. It’s done by the great grandson of Walter Anderson and owner of Twisted Anchor Matt Stebly. In the middle there’s a giant redfish and beer surrounded by the Chandeleur Islands and with the Chandeleur Lighthouse.

The lighthouse was built in 1895 on the islands, but is no more. The skeletal structure was washed away by Katrina.

Chandy also aids local conservation efforts as they partner with the Mississippi Aquarium, USM, and others. “Not only connecting with the local land, but more specifically the water, the fish, and the wildlife we have on the Gulf Coast.”

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