Little Girl Sells Treats to Help Brother

An eight-year-old from Gulfport has a business making treats and there’s a really sweet reason why she’s selling them.
Serenitee’s Sweets is run by eight-year-old Gulfport resident Serenitee Thomas. Serenitee’s business specializes in cupcakes, treats, and homemade goodies.
Serenitee sells them to raise money for her four-year-old brother Timothy who has a disease similar to autism called pervasive developmental disorder.
Serenitee’s goal is to raise enough money with her business so her family can get Timothy help through professional therapy. “It feels like it’s really important to get his therapy because if we don’t there might be some trouble controlling him because he is kind of hard to control right now with his problems. It is $12,000 for his therapy and it’s in the Brain Balance in Franklin, Tennessee and they use neuroplasticity to balance out the old cells,” said Serenitee.
Serenitee’s Sweets has a Facebook page where you can make orders. The Thomas family also has a GoFundMe account set up for Timothy’s therapy.

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