Little Girl with Cancerous Brain Tumor

The seven-year-old daughter of a sergeant with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department is in the hospital right now battling cancer. Deputies are not letting her fight the disease alone. They’re calling on the community for back up.
Prayers have never been needed more for seven-year-old Lily McCabe. After discovering a tumor in Lily’s brain, doctors told the Gulfport family Lily has cancer. Lily’s grandmother, Theresa McCabe, said, “One of the symptoms was that she was depressed.”
Lily’s grandmother, Theresa McCabe, knew something wasn’t right with her granddaughter months ago.
Theresa and her husband, Tom, sit out on the porch, steps away from Lily’s favorite place to play. The swing has been empty lately as Lily undergoes radiation treatment in the hospital. Her dad, Zach McCabe, is a sergeant at the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. Zach’s wife and their two other children have been in New Orleans with Lily throughout her cancer battle.
The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department is holding a fundraiser for Lily Tuesday at the work center. The lieutenant in charge says they will be taking donations all day long, starting at 8 a.m. “As time goes on, it wears on her harder and harder, so every day gets a little more difficult,” said Tom McCabe.
Weeks of chemotherapy lie ahead, but as little Lily continues to battle cancer, family members say they have faith the seven-year-old soldier will win the fight. “With her attitude and her outlook in life and the joy and peace that she brings, she’ll come through this,” said Tom.

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