Little Free Library

Today, Biloxi High School cut the ribbon on their first Little Free Library. It is located right outside the career technology center.
A Little Free Library is a free book exchange, usually in the form of a wooden box. Anyone can pick up a book from the box or leave books in it. There’s no checkout process and the library works on the honor system. You’re asked to return either the book you borrowed or another book or books to replace it.
There are Little Free Libraries located in all 50 states and 70 countries around the world. Biloxi High School Librarian Mary Dee Benton said, “This library is available 24/7. It will be open to parents and caregivers and children to come and take a book. So, it is available and it is open and it’s available to the community. I am excited that Biloxi High School can offer this to our community to help the children in our community prepare for school because the research shows that children who are read to and children who have books in the home, they do better in school.”
Students from Biloxi High School donated books so the library would have some books to start out with.

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