Lightning causes house fire in Harrison County

This morning’s severe weather left a Harrison County family homeless after lightning struck their attic, starting a fire. Luckily a woman and a five-year-old escaped unhurt. Their home, handed down from generation to generation, was not so lucky. News 25’s Shelby Myers has our report.
Homeowner Bernard Wilson said, “All she said was lightning cracked real loud, sparks flew, the power is out and I said I’d be there as soon as I could get there.”
This is the scene Bernard Wilson came home to after a frantic call from his wife, tears falling down his wife’s cheeks and smoke billowing out of their home, just minutes after she and a five-year-old girl managed to escape the fire that broke out in their West Harrison County house Thursday morning. “I pull up in here and see all the fire trucks and I was actually surprised to see any of the house still standing, but there’s a little bit left, but I don’t think it’s salvageable,” said Wilson.
They were not injured, but the house did not fare as well. Wilson says his grandparents built this home and it’s been in the family for nearly 100 years and has a proven history of standing the test of time and Mother Nature. “It survived through Camille in ’69 then we went through Katrina. So, a lot of natural disasters that’s came our way and we lived through it and we’ll live through this one,” said Wilson.
Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan tells News 25 initial reports point to lightning as the cause of the fire. “There was some storage areas on one end of the house and in the attic that were initially on fire. It started traveling to other parts. We got in there and cut off the fire before it got all the way through the home, but it still caused a lot of damage.”
Enough damage that the family won’t be able to move back in anytime soon, but Bernard Wilson says he’s still thankful that four walls aren’t all that makes a house a home. “Looks like I’ll be able to salvage most of my possessions and that’s what means the most to me anyways. It’s not the structure around them it’s what’s in the house that matters to me.”
“I will probably buy a modular home and put it right back here on the same ground and hopefully we can have family here for another 100 years,” said Wilson.

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