Lighthouse Academy offering dyslexia screeners

Lighthouse Academy for Dyslexia has been conducting free dyslexia screenings this summer to children throughout the Gulf Coast.

Mississippi state law requires that all students are given a dyslexia screening test in the spring of kindergarten and the fall of first grade.

But with schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, many students missed that screener.

This is why Lighthouse Academy for Dyslexia has been offering free screenings throughout the Gulf Coast for children.  Director of Curriculum and Instruction Lauren Houston said, “With dyslexia we know that early intervention is best. So, due to COVID, a lot of children didn’t get the screener. It is really important that if you are seeing that your child is a smart kiddo and they’re having trouble reading, writing, and spelling, reach out to us, tell us your story.”

If you would like to get in contact with Lighthouse Academy for Dyslexia visit their website or call them at 601-447-3023.

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