Lifesaving Helicopter Transportation on Coast

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, traumatic injury kills more people in the United States between the ages of one and four than anyone else.
A partnership between Ochsner and Singing River Health System provides a way for those injured people here on the Coast to get the care they need a little faster.
When someone comes into the emergency room critically ill or with a trauma emergency, time is critical. SRHS Chief of Medical Staff Dr. Steve Demetropoulas said, “We’re working in seconds to minutes to save their life. Having a real short transport time to another center where they can get definitive care like someone who has a bleed in their brain or someone who is having airway problems.”
Now those people won’t have to wait as long for potentially life-saving helicopter transport thanks to a new partnership between Ochsner and Singing River Health Systems. The partnership makes Ocean Springs hospital home to the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s first medical helicopter. Director of Critical Care Services and Respiratory Therapy Kim Henderson said, “We’re going to be able to make sure that they get care quicker, whether we provide that care or whether another entity provides that care, but they’re here to serve the community. It’s a huge win for the community.”
The helicopter is staffed with a two person medical team comprised of a specially trained critical care registered nurse and critical care paramedic and can get up to 175 miles an hour. Chief Flight Nurse Russel Shoultz said, “We can be anywhere on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in about 20 minutes or less. Obviously the closer the helicopter, the faster. Some of the outlying areas, no more than 20 minutes we can arrive at the scene of an accident in a rural area.”
Not only does the helicopter serve Ochsner and Singing River, it will go to any hospital in the region. It can get to New Orleans in about 30 minutes and to Mobile in about 15, as opposed to an ambulance which would take hours. “Our primary goal is taking the patient as close to home as possible and taking them to the highest level of care that’s the most appropriate for them in the region they live,” said Shoultz.

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