“Life: Un Beau Bazar” in Bay St. Louis

Whimsical floral arrangements have taken over a small art gallery in Bay St. Louis but you won’t see any vases here.
The sweet smelling showcase features floral arrangements that think beyond the vase. Local floral artist Martha Butler and others have their artwork on display now at the Smith and Lens Gallery in Bay St. Louis. The show is named “Life: Un Beau Bazar” which translates to “Life: a Beautiful Mess” which reflects the beautiful mess that flowers and foliage leave behind and emphasizes the beauty in the decay of live flowers. The showcase is free of charge but a $5 donation is recommended and appreciated.
Director of “Life: Un Beau Bazar” Martha Whitney Butler said, “ I guess the concept for me, from what I take away from this, is that you can’t have life without death and you can’t have death without life. Everything in here has an expiration date, pretty much. I mean, eventually it’s going to decline so appreciate it while you can for the few days that it’s up.”
“Life: Un Beau Bazar” will be on display at Smith and Lens again Tuesday between 10 and 4 then it will be taken over by “Dolly Should,” the big Bay St. Louis Dolly Parton celebration.

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