Lieutenant Governor Speaks at Ocean Springs Yacht Club

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves was also on the Coast today. His focus was the general fiscal condition of our state.
Lt. Governor Reeves addressed last year’s budget shortfall at a rotary club meeting earlier today at the Ocean Springs Yacht Club.
Reeves says although state revenue didn’t quite meet expectations, Mississippi lawmakers are continuing to see economic growth. He says the state needs to concentrate on continuing to grow the size of our economy instead of the size of our government. “Well, I like to talk about positive Mississippi. You look at our fourth grade reading, fourth grade math scores from last year, national assessments, we’re seeing significant and marked improvement. Our graduation rates, we went from 70.5 graduation rate, just five years ago to over 80 percent graduation rate last year.”
Reeves tells News 25 state lawmakers are continuing to make important investments in Mississippi’s public education and ensuring tax codes are flat and fair.

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