Let the good times roll: Gulf Coast Carnival Association Parade

The streets of downtown Biloxi are covered with beads, Moon Pies, and other throws from today’s Gulf Coast Carnival Association Parade in Biloxi.
Tens of thousands of revelers lined the streets of downtown Biloxi. Louie Cobb was one of them. “I’ve been here 22 years in the driveway at the cable company. We do it every year. It’s just a tradition. We do it every year.”
The Gulf Coast Carnival Association Parade is also a tradition for the Matthieu family. This krewe rolls in honor of their family matriarch. Anthony Matthieu said, “It was started because of my mother. She loved Mardi Gras. She rode the float until the last few years then she rode in the truck. I mean, she loved this thing. We got a picture because today is her birthday. We put her picture on here so we could show everybody.”
It’s also a family affair for Biloxi resident Furman Pearson, who was armed and ready for the parade. “We eat a lot of food. I’ve got my bag in my hand to catch the beads.”
There were plenty of beads to go around. Parade float rider Kyle Bennett said, “As you can see, I mean, it’s not just the boys. We’ve got the whole family, moms, dads, boyfriends, we’ve got everybody you can name in the parade.”
From all walks of life, on this day, differences were set aside for a common aim and that can be summed up best by saying let the good times roll!

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