Lessons Learned from Katrina

A lot of lessons were learned in Katrina’s wake, especially when it comes to planning for disasters.
After the unprecedented devastation of Katrina, FEMA and MEMA officials realized not every plan put in place to protect and recover the Mississippi Coast from hurricanes worked as expected. MEMA Director Robert Latham says one of the most critical lessons is not to wait for cities and counties to call them for help but to be pro-active.
Another important lesson learned, continually stressed to the public, was to be prepared. “I think that we’ve got to educate our public about what the risk is and if they’re prepared, if their families are prepared, communities are prepared, then the lives can be saved and then we can just clean up the mess and rebuild,” said Latham.
Latham also encourages the public to take government warnings seriously, stressing that if local officials recommend or order an evacuation, secure your home, leave early and have a communication plan disaster supply kit ready.

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