Legislators Support Requiring Kindergarten for All Children

While Common Core has been the hot topic of discussion lately, early childhood education is certainly making its way into the conversation as well.

State Representative Sonya Williams-Barnes (D), District 119, is one of many legislators hoping to make kindergarten mandatory for all 5 year olds. Representative Williams-Barnes says laws like the third grade reading gate, which holds students back if they cannot read at grade level, is important to Mississippi and it is also important that children are in school by age 5.

Williams-Barnes says, “Our state has had kindergarten since 1976, however it is not mandatory for our parents to ensure that students are in school by age 5. In order for us to expect them to read at age 8, we must make sure that they’re in the classroom by age 5, if not before.”

Many other legislators are pushing for mandatory kindergarten this session with full support from the State Board of Education.

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