Have leftover sandbags? Here’s what you should do.

Barry has passed, but with Harrison County’s distribution of 15,000 sandbags to help fortify your homes, properties and businesses before the storm rolled through, there are a lot of sandbags in Barry’s wake. Just what should you do with them?

  1. Clean sandbags can be stored and reused.  Full sandbags should be stored in a covered location off the ground, where they can dry out and be reused for later in the season.  Allowing the sandbags to dry will help prevent mold.
  2. Unclean sandbags should be disposed of properly.  Sandbags and sand contaminated with oils and other pollutants should be disposed of at an appropriate landfill.  As they may contain bacteria and contaminants, care should be taken to wear appropriate protective gloves, eye protection, and clothing. Anyone handling contaminated sandbags should wash their hands with soap and water when they are done working.
  3. Clean sand from torn sandbags can be repurposed.  Empty the sand from the bag and properly dispose of the bag.  Sand could be used for landscaping purposes or for traction in icy weather.  Sand should not be used for purposes involving human contact (i.e. playgrounds or sandboxes).

For more information or for assistance with questions, contact the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Waste Division staff at 601-961-5304 or click here.



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