Lawsuit in Singing River Retirement Plan

A new lawsuit in the Singing River pension saga places county supervisors on the defensive. At today’s meeting, they announced they would no longer discuss the matter without a lawyer.
It’s been just over six months since the news first broke on the possible liquidation of the Singing River pension plan. The limited amount of information retirees have been getting from supervisors may have just stopped now that new litigation has been filed.
Until this lawsuit is over, the county’s attorney says the public shouldn’t expect much information from supervisors when it comes to anything related to the Singing River retirement plan. County attorney Billy Guice doesn’t think this latest lawsuit is going to benefit anyone: “we’re trying to solve a problem, everyone is trying to solve a problem and maybe if we could move it to a solution and move away from grand standing, we’d be in a better situation.”
The current agreement between the hospital and the supervisors expires next month and will need to be renewed for retirees to continue receiving checks.

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