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A doctor says 19-year-old Jessica Chambers who was found alive with severe burns in Mississippi, but later died from her injuries suffered so much damage to her mouth, throat and chest that she would have had trouble clearly saying words.
Dr. William Hickerson testified as an expert witness today in the capital murder trial of Quinton Tellis in Batesville, Mississippi about 50 miles south of Memphis. Prosecutors say Tellis set Chambers and her car on fire and left her to die along a back road in Courtland, Mississippi in December 2014.
Firefighters who treated a severely burned Chambers on the scene said they heard her say that someone named Eric or Derek set her on fire.
Defense Attorney Darla Palmer contends that Chambers’ statement shows Tellis is falsely accused in the case. Hickerson testified that Chambers had third-degree burns on most of her body.
He said the scorched skin on her chest became tight like leather and she could not speak correctly due to a lack of air.

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