Latest city developments in Pascagoula

Pascagoula’s Acting City Mayor Stephen Burrow is keeping us informed with the latest updates in the city.

Burrow stopped by for this week’s ‘Mayoral Monday’ to discuss the upcoming special election, as well as recent developments in Pascagoula.

The city decided to invest in a unified sports complex that caters to both baseball and softball which will open in March.

Burrow discussed Huntington Ingalls refurbishing old vessels which requires them to reactive the east bank. This $160 million investment will have a huge impact on the city. “Part of that was matching funds from the state as well as funds from the City of Pascagoula to help create what we call the East Bank Access Project to provide badly needed overhauls and upgrades to the infrastructure and the roads leading up to the East Bank.”

Burrow also tells News 25 big plans are in the works for providing incentives for adding hotel space in Pascagoula.

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