Last Minute Rush to get Sand Bags

Residents have been picking up sand bags over the past few days to help protect their homes and property.
This morning, Gulfport residents were making the last minute rush to get sand bags before the rain moved in.
News 25 caught up with residents in the Orange Grove area who are still feeling the effects of the devastating flooding that happened back in April.
While the rain accumulation and flooding is not supposed to be nearly that bad, these residents are not willing to take the risk and say they’d rather have bags for nothing than water at their doorstep.
Gulfport resident Ricky Bane said, “We got to prepare. It was a lot of water a couple of months ago. We got a lot of rain and I just don’t want the water to come in the house.”
Gulfport resident Randy Johnston said, “I got a lot of nice stuff at my house. I don’t want anything to get ruined. The people down the street from us, they got flooded and it was just chaos. I don’t want that to happen to me. It came close by about that far from my back door and I’m not taking a chance this time.”
Rainfall could reach as much as seven inches over the next four days.

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