Last minute firework sales

While Fourth of July festivities are just getting underway, people are making last minute preparations to celebrate in style.

Firework tents and businesses across the Coast have kicked into high gear over the past few weeks in preparation for the Fourth of July, and people are out stocking up on their favorites at the last minute. Customer Chris Watts said, “My wife loves the Black Cats that make the loud noises and all that, but I’m more of the color kind of explosions that I really enjoy.”

Manager Trudy Williams at Crazy Carl’s Fireworks in Long Beach says that sales on Independence Day typically pick up later in the day. “Towards the evening, yes, it’ll be constant.”

Since the beginning of the month, Crazy Carl’s has been open 24/7 to serve those looking for fireworks at all hours, something that they implemented for the first time this year. “I guess maybe the policemen and the firemen that are working late at night, this is their chance to come in and get what they want.”

Those who bought at the last minute believe it is just as effective as buying in advance. “On the Fourth of July is just as good as any day. I would like to see it since today is Thursday, I would like to see fireworks shot all the way to Sunday,” said Watts.

Firework safety is the key concern for Americans on the Fourth, including the seller and the buyer. “We tell them to be careful, be smart about it,” said Williams.

Watts said, “These things can instantly create fires. So, as long as you’re safe and you’re in an environment where you have, you’re prepared to put the fire out if something were to occur, I think you’ll be fine.”

Still, fireworks have the opportunity to bring families together. “I’ve been here for 16 years and I’ve seen these children grow up where they couldn’t see over the top of the tables to where they’re taller than you are right now,” said Williams.

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