Landmass Comedy: Giving local comedians opportunities

Looking to crack a joke or listen to one?

Well, a local business called Landmass Comedy is hosting multiple comedy shows and giving comedians opportunities to practice their trade.

They have open mic nights in places from the District in the Alley in Gulfport to the Juke Joint in Ocean Springs. It’s a way for beginners to try out new bits.

Founder Krangus Gillespie is a former comedian in Los Angeles and he’s hoping to help beginners into what can be a sometimes tough industry. “It takes a long time for people to ever get paid doing stand-up. It’s like ten bucks here and ten bucks there. I have shows that people can get paid on after a few months of work as long as they’re actually funny and that’s what this is about.”

Check out Landmass Comedy’s Facebook to find out when the next show will be.

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