Labor Day Celebration at the Mississippi Aquarium

The Mississippi Aquarium has been open for over a week now and Labor Day was no exception. They also kicked off their first Labor Day with a special celebration.

Families were welcomed to the Mississippi Aquarium on Labor Day morning by mascot Bayou the River Otter as well as live music from the Boys and Girls Club Blue Thunder drum line. After their performance the kids had a chance to check out the aquarium. Boys and Girls Club Unit Director Kris Riley said, “They were more excited about coming to the aquarium then they were about playing, but it’s a good experience. I look forward to building a partnership with the aquarium here in Gulfport.”

Some of the kids had their sights set on seeing a few animals in particular. “That was the big talk that was on the bus ‘aww man I wanna see the sharks and alligators’ and things like that. I don’t really know what is in there so it’ll be a bit of a surprise.”

While the sharks and alligators are stealing the show, there’s over 200 species that might catch your interest at the aquarium. Vice President of Animal Care Ric Urban said, “From crocodiles to alligators and freshwater river and the birds from around the world and our aquatics wonder building.”

Mississippi Aquarium also features animals from what they call the ‘Brown, Blue, and Beyond,’ the brown refers to fish from the freshwater in upstate Mississippi While the blue refers to the fish in waters of the Gulf.

The Beyond gives guests a chance to see animals from around the world. “We have a couple of them that would love to see you. How many times can you see a penguin in Mississippi?”

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