Kwanzaa Celebration

Each day Kwanzaa focuses on a different principle. Today is all about celebrating purpose. News 25’s Kendra Turley shows us how locals came together to celebrate their purpose.
The seven days of Kwanzaa are celebrated over the course of the week following Christmas Day. The fifth day is dedicated to the principle of purpose. Terri Tyler with the Gulf Coast Kwanzaa Coalition said, “Purpose is a good principle for tonight so the youth can learn about purpose. What is their purpose in the world, in life? What are they gonna do when they graduate college?"
Youth from all across the Gulf Coast celebrated their purpose during the 23rd annual Kwanzaa Celebration. Participant Jailyn Lane said, “I think it’s very important for young people to get involved in the community and know more about their history.”
Dozens gathered at Gulfport’s Good Deeds Community Center to celebrate the fifth day of Kwanzaa. “This is a place to come when you want to learn more about it. Everyone think it’s a religion but it’s not. It’s really just about the African culture,” said Tyler.
Keynote speaker John Whitfield focused his speech toward the youth, daring them to find their purpose not only in the Gulf Coast community but in the world. Participant Chiyanna Williams said, “My purpose in the world today is to make a statement and by setting examples for young girls who are coming into the world today.”
The program started with a candle lighting and ended with a special performance by the youth. Participants of the program tell News 25 this program is an opportunity to not only learn more about the culture but make a statement. “I feel like, we are the future and if they listen to us, we have something to say. So, we have a big impact and by us getting involved, it shows a lot,” said Williams.
Kwanzaa officially ends on January 1st.

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