Krewe of Gemini Mardi Gras Parade

Tonight, the Krewe of Gemini hit downtown Gulfport for their 49th annual Mardi Gras parade.
The Krewe of Gemini, known as the official krewe of Gulfport, celebrated this year’s Mardi Gras with the theme of ‘fire and ice.’ The parade started on Highway 49 and 19th Street and made its way down past City Hall. It included 50 floats and about 15,000 people were in attendance.
This year, the Krewe of Gemini crowned two previous royals that serve as a testament to the great history of the krewe. 2018 Krewe of Gemini King S.J. Marengo said, “She was the third queen in 1972 and I was the ninth king in ’78 so we’ve always wanted to do it together as a couple and we’ve been in it since it was originated. We are very much a part of this krewe and this city.”
The Krewe of Gemini hosts two Mardi Gras parades every year. S.J. Marengo and 2018 Queen Sylvia Marengo say their krewe puts a lot of hard work into both parades all for the sake of some community fun.

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