Kress Live Speaks Out About Afroman Incident

Afroman issued an apology Wednesday in response to the incident in which he punched a woman on stage during his concert at Kress Live in Biloxi.

The free show came to an abrupt halt after Joseph Edward Foreman, or Afroman, struck the woman on stage. Foreman blamed the incident on Kress Live for not having enough security during the show. He claims there was a man next to the stage heckling him and he thought the woman was the man. News 25 caught up with Chase Taylor, co-owner of Kress Live, for his response.

Taylor says, “We had contractually the security that was needed. It was sufficient for the numbers that we had in here. It’s typical for the performer to blame whoever the likely scapegoat would be and it just happened to be the venue.”

Foreman has since checked himself into a facility to help him deal with his anxiety issues.

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