Krebs Cemetery Tour

It’s tradition to kickoff Halloween by bringing back some friends from the dead to tell their tales from their time in the City of Pascagoula.
It’s all part of the city’s annual Haunted Cemetery Tour that kept the tradition alive and moved back to its original location at the Krebs Cemetery. The tour featured three different scenes with eleven different characters filling the roles of ‘spirits’ from Pascagoula’s past.
Coordinator of the tour Dan Lee tells News 25 it’s all about celebrating Mississippi’s bicentennial. “We’re emphasizing the bicentennial, the statehood. There are a lot of characters here who are alive in 1817 so we get to play some really interesting characters who could talk about the history when we became a state.”
The tour was free, but donations are always accepted and go towards the Jackson County Historical Genealogical Society.

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