Knife Wielding Suspect Shot Multiple Times This Afternoon-

A suspect wielding a knife was taken to the hospital after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. According to Gulfport police, it was a standoff between the man with the knife and the officer who shot him.
News 25’s Katarina Luketich is live on the scene.
According to Chief Leonard Papania, the Gulfport Police Department received a call around 12:50 today of a suspicious person near a home at the intersection of Government Street and Lyndell Street. Last night, Gulfport Police were searching for a suspect at large after recovering a stolen vehicle. When the call today matched his description, the Gulfport Police arrived to the backyard of a home in a Government St. neighborhood.
The male was carrying a knife and started closing the gap between him and the officer. The officer repeatedly told the man to stop and drop his weapon. When he didn’t, the officer shot him multiple times. The owners of the home were not at home while the man was apprehended.
James Allen Birdsong, the homeowner, said, “One of the neighbors saw him jump off the balcony up there. Apparently, he had spent the night in the two story and one thing led to another and he got shot. I really don’t know the particulars. I don’t know how extensive the damage is in the house or anything. I’d be curious to see.”
The individual was taken to a local hospital for treatment of multiple gunshot wounds. Chief Papania says the investigation is ongoing.

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