Knife Wielding Suspect Shot by Officer

Today, a quiet Gulfport neighborhood was shaken by the sound of gunshots. A suspect wielding a knife was shot multiple times by a Gulfport police officer, when he was found hiding in a resident’s upstairs bedroom.
Government Street and the surrounding areas typically remain peaceful and quiet but today residents were startled in their homes by a sound no one wants to hear.
Kasey Clayton said, “My grandmother stays in Northwood Hill and it’s like a quiet neighborhood. Nothing about shootings or nothing like that. Ain’t nothing like this ever happened.”
Last night, Gulfport Police were searching in the area for a suspect at large in relation to a stolen vehicle. Today, they found that man in the backyard of a local Gulfport home after a resident called authorities when they saw him jumping from a balcony.
Chief Leonard Papania said, “He saw an adult male who was brandishing a large shun knife. The male started closing the gap on the officer. The officer told him to stop and drop the knife. The individual failed to. The officer shot him multiple times.”
The owners of the home left early that afternoon to grocery shop, when they returned their house was a crime scene.
James Birdsong, the homeowner, said, “We called this morning and asked and they said that he had not been apprehended, so we figured he was close by somewhere. We just didn’t realize he was that close.”
The suspect had spent the night in James Birdsong and his wife’s upstairs guest room.
While some folks might be anxious about returning to their home, James Birdsong says he’s hoping this is only a one time incident: “stuff can happen wherever you are. You just go on and live.”
The suspect was taken to a local hospital for treatment of multiple gunshot wounds.
Chief Papania says the investigation is ongoing.

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