Kick off to king cakes

King cakes are eaten on January 6th as a symbol of the 12th night and the tri-colored sweet treat is a staple for carnival season.

At Melissa’s Bakery in Gulfport, the orders for king cakes have already come in. Even though the parades are canceled, the celebration and tradition remain alive.

Mardi Gras is the biggest season for her bakery and she looks forward to the business king cakes provide.

Last year, Melissa sold over 1,300 king cakes and this year she hopes to sell more. “They come out on Epiphany which is the 6th, and they run through Fat Tuesday and everybody loves them at celebrations, parades just whatever’s going on at that time. I think a lot of people because they’re not gonna be able to go parades will get together and they’ll do their king cakes at their homes or little gatherings or at football games.”

Melissa’s Bakery also sells king cake cupcakes and a specialty boudin flavored king cake for those who want to try a different flavor.

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