Kevin Brooks Visits the Coast

Making the right decisions can save your life as well as others. That’s the message Kevin Brooks brought to the Coast.
Years ago, Brooks decided to hop in a car with a friend and drive drunk. He ended up wrecking his vehicle, killing his friend and was paralyzed.
It’s now his mission to help teens do the right thing. Brooks started his morning talking to students at D’iberville High School about making the right decisions, one of many stops he’s made along the way.
Deputy Chief of Police Clay Jones said, “They hear it from us so often. We preach to them about safety. We preach to them about doing good in school and all those things but we can only do so much. We have to reach out and get these other people in our communities, these other leaders to come forward and say we need your help. It takes a village to raise these guys and it’s so important they participate with us.”
Brooks has shared his message with half a million people in North America over the past decade. For more about Kevin Brooks’ message, you can visit his website at

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