Ken Combs Pier Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Hurricane Isaac destroyed five of Gulfport’s major piers. The Ken Combs Pier is the last to officially reopen to the public.
The Gulf Coast hasn’t been the same for the Combs’ family ever since Hurricane Isaac destroyed a prize possession: the Ken Combs Pier. The pier was dedicated to their loved one and former Gulfport Mayor Ken Combs. “Yeah, it’s been difficult,” said Ken Combs Jr., “We would come here and only get so far. We couldn’t actually access the pier. Now, we’re happy that it’s available for all to enjoy.”
Donald McCormick, an old friend of Ken Combs Sr., sat front and center for the pier’s original ribbon cutting. He sat front row once again for the pier’s reopening ceremony this morning. “It’s fabulous that they got it reopened. A lot of people really look forward to this. I live up here, just about a mile. We really enjoy this pier down here.”
The Ken Combs Pier is the last of the Gulfport piers to reopen. Shortly after the ribbon cutting, locals were already sitting, enjoying the view and fishing. Local fishermen Martin Collins said, “I just think it’s probably the nicest pier and the longest pier and a better fishing pier than any other one on the Coast.”
Ken Combs Jr. tells News 25 he looks forward to hosting various events for the community at the pier. “We’re going to continue our annual ‘Pier Walk’ tradition. This time, we’ll actually get to walk on the pier. We only walked on it one time. That was back in 2012. So, we’re looking forward to that."
A Ken Combs memorial monument will stand at the entrance of the pier.

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