Keesler Federal Credit Union provides government shutdown assistance

The government shutdown is officially over after President Donald Trump signed a bill tonight ending the nearly three-day deadlock and reinstating funds until February 8th. Although the government shutdown was short lived, it came with lots of uncertainty for federal employees.
Since the government shutdown was announced on Friday, many federal employees were on edge, not knowing how long it would last or who exactly it would impact.
Keesler Federal Credit Union made sure to relieve some of that stress from their members by announcing that they would once again honor the provisional payroll advance they offered to their members during previous government shutdowns.
Although the recent shutdown was just lifted by the president, Keesler Federal wants all their qualifying members to know how the payroll advance works and who is covered. Keesler Federal Credit Union Vice President of Marketing Sharon Keller said, “If they have direct deposit with the credit union, we are able to pull that money that would be coming in the future payday into their account, even if they are not paid by the government by that time. It would then just be reversed. It’s not a loan. There are no fees. It’s just something we are able to provide for them by that time.”
With Democrats and Republicans still not agreeing on many hot topics like DACA and CHIP, a government shutdown can be expected in the near future.
Keeler tells News 25 that although the government shutdown looks like it will be lifted by tonight, the provisional payroll advance is something their federally employed can count on during any future shutdown.

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