Keesler Federal awards Biloxi Officer as First Responder of the Year

Keesler Federal Credit Union honored a Biloxi police officer this morning.

Joshua Rife was awarded a plaque and a gift card as the First Responder of the Year. He was recognized after helping a family find closure.

They had asked for a welfare check on a loved one who was from out of town.

Officer Rife responded to the hotel where the person was staying and insisted he be allowed in the room where he discovered a body.

Keesler Federal Credit Union began the First Responder of the Year program eight years ago and has now expanded it to all markets that it serves. Officer Rife said, “I wasn’t expecting the award. I am grateful for it and I appreciate it, being recognized. Just showing up, doing my job. Everything at the hotel that day just didn’t sit right and ending up finding the guy in the room.”

The Biloxi Police Department selected Officer Rife for the recognition.

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