Keesler Cleans the Beach

Biloxi and Keesler Air Force Base have teamed up to beautify the city.
Today, two groups of airmen from the 81st Training Wing volunteered to help Biloxi’s Public Works Office clean up the medians in areas on Highway 90.
These men and women marched down the highway today, armed with shovels, taking part in the city’s ongoing effort to clean up areas near the beach. This clean-up comes just in time to help with preparations for Cruisin’ the Coast.
Biloxi officials are grateful to have a positive relationship with Keesler Air Force Base. Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “The beauty of this is that these airmen that are down here, they’re not commanded to be there. They’re volunteering. That’s what makes it even better. It’s a joint effort between the city and Keesler Air Force Base. They’re giving up their own time. No one ordered them to do this.”
The groups worked to clean up along Highway 90 in areas west of Treasure Bay Casino and the Coast Coliseum.

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