Keesler Air Force Base shooting range

Today, Keesler Air Force Base hosted its first media day.
The day offered a chance for media outlets including WXXV to tour the base and check out the many things that Keesler Air Force Base is doing and some of the new and improved technology that the Air Force is using.
One thing that Keesler offers that other Air Force bases do not is the first fully enclosed 50 meter shooting range. This facility is crucial to all training that happens on Keesler Air Force Base. Staff Sergeant Tuscany said, “What we do is we qualify individuals that deploy, that support overseas missions, that also support our missions as well and also qualify all of our security and our personnel on base. Yea, so over 1,200 people a year come through here.”
This area gives service members on Keesler Air Force Base a unique opportunity to learn new skills in a one of a kind area.

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