Keesler Air Force Base hosts first-ever drive-through health fair

Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi is taking the health care of our military men and women to a whole new level.

The mission: healthcare and cancer screenings. Location: Keesler Air Force Base. The objective: keep our military men and women on the front lines healthy. 81st Medical Group Commander Colonel Christopher Estridge said, “Today, we have an outdoor health expo here at the Keesler Marina. This has been in the making for nine years. We’ve done this nine years in a row now. Today we’re educational. We’re trying to educate people about cancer, and the different types of cancer, in order to get them in for screenings during the month of October.”

As with each year in the past, screeners were on hand to provide information and set up appointments and provide some on-site screenings, but this year, in the wake of COVID, Keesler branched out, paving a new mobile way for those who rolled in for this year’s event. “Typically it’s been indoors in our hospital, but due to COVID we’ve moved it outdoors this year, to kind of give people some spacing, some social distancing. They’re driving through and making appointments for the rest of the month.”

Whether it is cancer screenings or mammograms, early detection is key. It can and has saved lives. “We have different types of screenings going on-breast cancer screenings, setting up appointments for that-cervical screenings, lung cancer, skin cancer, oral cancer, and as you see behind me, bone density screenings behind me as well, and many of these things are just taking down appointments for the rest of the month. Last year we actually saw about 2,000 people from this event, and we detected 25 cancers early, so it does impact lives, and it’s important to get those screenings done.”

Keesler Air Force Base has also launched a month long campaign ‘October Mammathon’ to keep breast cancer awareness and detection on the radar for the rest of the month.

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