Keeping your pets safe in cold weather

As the temperature continues to drop, we can’t stress enough the importance of keeping pets, both indoor and out, safe and warm this season.

The most important thing to remember is if you’re cold your pet is cold. Know your dog’s limits; some pets are more susceptible to the cold than others.

Short-coated, thin, elderly, or very young dogs get cold more quickly. Make sure to adjust the amount of time they stay outside.

Just like in the summer months when the ground is too hot, if it is too cold pet paws can be injured if exposed too long.

The Tired Dog Rescue is a shelterless animal rescue. Volunteer Laura Menssina says battling the cold is something they face every year. “They need warm blankets. They need a dry place to stay that can’t get wet and need shelter from the wind from the cold, but preferably inside would be wonderful. But even when you’re walking your dog, you know she’s got her jacket on, and yesterday when it was so breezy, I’m down by the beach, so it gets really breezy, I had her layered up with a sweater and a jacket on top.”

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