Keeping kids healthy while under shelter-in-place orders

The shelter-in-place orders for the Magnolia State are now in day 13 and local health care professionals want to offer health tips for students stuck at home.

With the decision to reopen Mississippi schools in limbo, many parents could find themselves fighting to keep their kids healthy and active while at home. “The normally, healthy lifestyle guidelines have not changed because of this virus.”

Dr. Obaid Siddiqui is a pediatrician with Gulf Coast Children’s Clinic. He says a healthy diet is imperative to maintaining health and wellness during these uncertain times. “Just because there’s a COVID pandemic on the planet doesn’t mean you overeat. That doesn’t mean you can start eating unhealthy things. It doesn’t mean you can gain weight. It doesn’t mean you can get your sugars up. It doesn’t mean you can get your blood pressure up.”

He suggests eating fruits, vegetables, and incorporating whole grains in your everyday diet as well as drinking plenty of water and you can’t forget physical activities. “Going outside and shooting some baskets, there’s nothing wrong with that. Riding a bicycle, nothing wrong with that. Just going out to fish, there’s nothing wrong with that. When you come back in, wash your hands, preferably taking your clothes off, putting new clothes on, preferably taking a shower and just keep you’re self safe and keep everyone else safe.”

Dr. Siddiqui say it is also important to continue vaccinating your children to prevent other illnesses while still staying on the lookout for the Coronavirus. “It’s not effecting the kids that badly, but the kids can pass it on to people who are high risk. When I see patients that are running a fever or who have a cough, I run the usual tests on them flu, strep and all. If they come back negative, I always tell the parents, everybody can’t be tested for COVID right now, but since we are in a pandemic and their child has all the symptoms and has tested negative for everything else please treat your children as if they have COVID. So, isolate them as if they have COVID.”

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