Keeping Your Fitness Goals After The New Year

It has been over a week since we range in the New Year and some people find themselves in the post-resolution blues.
We caught up with coaches at CrossFit Portside in Gulfport for tips on how to keep your motivation going.
First, more than half the battle is showing up. Surround yourself with others working toward their fitness goals for inspiration.
Also, make your goals realistic and write them down.
If you take small steps in your fitness and health journey, it will be worth it in the long run. Owner and Head Coach at CrossFit Portside Sara Carter said, “Start off walking, from walking learn to squat, from squatting learn how to do a correct push up, a sit up, you can always be doing stuff, a 5 minute work out here can feel more than a 30 minute walk so try to do something that’s what I try to tell people.”
Also remember to keep proper nutrition in mind when you are working on your health and fitness goals.

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