Keep pets safe during July 4th

While people are enjoying their Fourth of July holiday with bright, loud fireworks your pets can become scared and run away, trying to find a safe haven.
Pets go missing around the Fourth of July more than any other time of the year and the noisy fireworks are to blame. There are several tips you can do to help keep your pets calm and safe during this holiday.
Getting them micro-chipped helps if they happen to get out of the house and run away. Other things you can do is keep them distracted with toys, play calming music, and even buy them an anxiety-reducing shirt or treats to help keep them calm. Katie King with the Humane Society of South Mississippi said, “The scent of lavender tends to keep them calm. We do have some Kongs here at the shelter. We like to stuff them with peanut butter, cheerios, dry dog food, wet dog food, anything you can find, really and then put them in the freezer and then that keeps them busy up to a couple hours and keeps their minds off of the fireworks.”
If your pet happens to run away or if you find a lost pet, you can check the local animal shelters.

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