Katrina Memorial Observance

As we look around, so much has changed for the better since Katrina hit South Mississippi. While the Coast continues to move forward, thousands throughout our area took time out to reflect this weekend on the ten year anniversary of the biggest natural disaster our nation has ever seen.
On this Saturday, ten years later, rays of sunlight fell on the crowd at Biloxi’s newly built MGM Park. The only thunder was the rounds of applause for the volunteers and others who helped rebuild our Coast.
Two givers, Marsha Meeks Kelly and Dr. Tommy Mitchell were presented with a national honor, the President’s Volunteer Service Award for Lifetime Achievement award.
Also commended were corporations like Wal-Mart, whose D’iberville store started operating just days after Katrina. District Manager Brian Thomas said, “Although we didn’t have power, we had an awful lot of customers show up who needed stuff. So, we opened our doors and brought them in one customer at a time with flashlights. We didn’t have electricity, but we brought them in the store to help them gather the things they needed and take care of their personal needs.”
And a somber moment of reflection as the next generation of leaders called out the names of our neighbors who lost their lives in the storm.
The ten year anniversary of Katrina was observed all along the Coast, including at Barksdale Pavilion where residents, volunteers and politicians were recognized for their contributions.
Although she was only five-years-old at the time, Gulfport High choir student D’aja Watson clearly remembers those who helped her and her family after Katrina. “I remember the Salvation Army trucks. They came and gave us food and water and everything we needed because it was really hard.”
Learning at a young age the importance of giving, giving back, and paying it forward.

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