“Katrina Fatigue” Exhibit at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center

The tenth anniversary has come and gone and now the Mary C. O’Keefe Museum in Oceans Springs is putting Hurricane Katrina to bed.
In an exhibit by artist Susan McClamroch, multiple bed scenes representing the terrible hurricane were on display. One bed has five cats that gradually get larger sewn into a quilt to represent the category five storm. One bed was completely covered in cd’s and represents the huge media presence that broadcasted the storm for so long.
Patricia Pinson, curator for the Mary C., said, “We elected not to do a show on Katrina and then we were laughing about everybody else doing a Katrina show. We decided not to and then we came up with this one as sort of an after Katrina show and we’ve been there and done that. We are putting Katrina to bed.”
"Katrina Fatigue" is overall supposed to be a new light-hearted way to look at the storm.
Tonight was also the opening ceremony for "Riding the Rails: Roads of Opportunity-the Railroad Era in a Railroad Town" in the Ocean Springs museum.

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