K-9 Officer Retires from Biloxi Police Department

Sergeant Darren Lea and his furry K-9 partner, Officer Flacko, were honored in Biloxi today.
Flacko is retiring from the police force. He is around 49 years old in dog years. Today the city council showed their appreciation for his duty to the police department. Since K-9’s do not have retirement plans, attorney Scott Pietrowsky, wanted to do something special for the dog. When K-9’s retire, officers have the opportunity to keep the dog as a personal, so Pietrowsky donated $250 to help Sgt. Lea cover the expenses for Flacko. He hopes his donation will inspire others to donate towards K-9’s.
He spoke to the city council today to encourage them to start a fund just for future retiring K-9’s.

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