Judge Orders Benson to Submit to Mental Evaluation

A judge ruled New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner, Tom Benson, will have to submit to a mental evaluation.

The decision was made during a hearing Tuesday where lawyers on both sides battled it out in court. No one from the Benson family was in court Tuesday for the latest in the fight over Benson’s billion dollar fortune, a battle Benson didn’t win.

Phil Whitmann, Benson’s attorney, says, "He’s made a reasoned decision to exclude his daughter and his grandchildren from his life."

Randy Smith, Renee Benson’s attorney, says, "Renee, Ryan, Rita, they all worked in the family business for all their lives, and all of a sudden, they’re torn apart from it."

Judge Reese ruled that each side in the family feud could choose its own physician to examine Benson and agree on a third who will render a report.

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