Judge grants temporary injunction to close Scratch Kitchen in Ocean Springs

A chancery court judge granted a temporary injunction to close the Scratch Kitchen in Ocean Springs.

It is a temporary victory for the City of Ocean Springs after filing a lawsuit in chancery court asking for an injunction to keep the Scratch Kitchen and Bar from reopening following a deadly shooting last weekend.

In today’s hearing in Pascagoula, Chancery Judge Neil Harris ordered the Scratch Kitchen and Bar to cease all operations until next Friday’s permanent injunction hearing. Ocean Springs Mayor Kenny Holloway said, “We were in the middle of presenting the evidence to get the temporary restraining order. The Scratch Kitchen showed up without representation, legal representation.”

Brittany Alexander, owner of the business, said she didn’t have legal counsel, telling Judge Harris she did not have access to her records because they are inside her business. The building Alexander is leasing is still considered an active crime scene and no one has been permitted inside. Mayor Holloway said, “Her attorney is going to have to contact the landlord’s attorney in order to get in there.”

David Krause is representing the property owner. He said, “The judge granted another week for Ms. Alexander to get her counsel. She came here representing herself pro se and the judges allowed her another week, pending, of course, that she doesn’t open the restaurant again.”

Krause also says that the owner leasing the building to Alexander is ready to move forward with the injunction. “Mrs. Vermillion, God bless her, she is heartbroken over all the events that happened. Literally sleepless, physically ill over this incident. She did, she would like it resolved.”

Mayor Holloway said, “My expectations are to be successful in not allowing her to operate that business in that location.”

The next hearing will take place Friday, May 19th at the Jackson County Chancery Courtroom C.

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