JoJo the Kangaroo is back home and recovering

Typically you have to go to Australia if you want to see a kangaroo hopping around outside, but that wasn’t the case for many people who saw JoJo hanging around Gulfport last week.

Last week, JoJo the Kangaroo captured the hearts of the Gulf Coast when he went missing for two days in the Bayou View area of Gulfport. Wild Acres Owner and Founder Cody Breland said, “I never would have expected the day I got this little baby kangaroo in a little draw string pouch that he was going to have such an impression on this area and these people and I never would have imagined.”

JoJo was found, but hopping around in a strange environment did take a toll on the kangaroo. “He had a fungal infection on his back so we are guessing he may have went under a fence or something like that and he was scratched. It is a little rough having to give a kangaroo a bath everyday to change out his medications and put the ointment on his wounds, but it is great to have him home.”

After all of the excitement that JoJo and Cody experienced, they are both finally starting to settle down into a normal routine. “I feel like even after getting him home it took me a while for my nerves to come back down. I feel like probably the last two days are the first two days that I have felt normal again and I can say the same for him too because his eyes are back open full again. He looked feral when he came home. He looked feral. He looked like he had seen some things out there. I don’t know, but he is doing really well now.”

On Thursday, JoJo will be back at his vet’s office for a checkup. “He is going to actually double check everything, make sure that he is free of infections. Depending on how that goes, we will determine when people will be able to actually see JoJo in public again.”

There will be an event for JoJo at the Blow-Fly Inn on Saturday. The kangaroo may or may not be in attendance depending on what his vet says at his checkup.

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